Brief and Idea

Seán O’Meara is a singer-songwriter from Limerick, Ireland and a close friend.

Hs background is rooted in rock, pop, and traditional Irish music, and since winning the All-Ireland Fleadh in 2012, he has gone on to gig and tour all over the world.

Seán came to me in September 2020 with a loose idea for a music video and over the coming months we fleshed out his initial concept of ‘driving through the night’ and produced the video over 5 days in various regions of Ireland.

With the theme of ‘Gold’ as an underlying tone throughout, the music video aims to paint an adventurous picture of ‘young love’, while taking the viewer on a journey towards the Stunning West Coast of Ireland.

Seán released the accompanying single ‘Gold’ on June 11th 2021.

Director: Brian O’Keeffe
Music Production: Ben Wanders, Seán O’Meara
Actress: Naomi Harris
Vocals: Niamh Farrell
Keyboards: Conor Broderick
Production Assistant: Barry Coffey
Editor: Brian O’Keeffe

Seán O'Meara
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