Grow your business with high quality promotional videos, tailored to your brand and made to engage your target audience.

Video Ads

Create mobile optimised video ads that quickly capture the viewer’s attention, hold it and lead to a customised call-to action.

Video Strategy

Results are important! Together we can develop a data-backed social media advertising strategy that converts customers and maximises your ROI.

Recent Projects



Together, we will develop a production plan that aligns with your brand and content goals. Pre-production includes: location planning, scriptwriting & shot list creation.


Video Production.

This is where we put our plans into action and capture the magic! Professional audio recording with state of the art equipment to record video in 4k Resolution.



Post-production includes: professional colour grading, sound design & titling. The goal? to shape and polish the final product. This is where the real magic happens!

my work

My name is Brian O’Keeffe and I’m a London & Ireland based videographer.

Today, through creating content aimed at building brands and communicating to targeted audiences, my passion lies in generating value for people, and projects that aim to change the world for the better, one video at a time.

My expertise is in visual storytelling and I'm deeply aware of the importance of bringing value to capture attention, hold it and inspire customers to action.




What Clients Say

John Downey

'' I posted Brians video for Samaritans on our Facebook page and boosted it for €300. Over the course of 7 days, it was viewed 25,000 times and we had an unprecedented number of volunteer applications (approx 70+). Samaritans head office are interested in using it for a national campaign. It can be summed up in one word, HUGE!''

Martina Ondrasekova
Soju Events

I hired Brian to capture the vibe of Soju Sunday club nights on a video. Not only is Brian friendly, fun and personable, but he is also very creative and talented. In all the craziness of the night, Brian was able to capture the best moments and the most important parts of the night in a truly unique way. I highly recommend Brian to anyone looking for amazing services and I can’t wait to work with him again.

Dada Krsnasevananda
Ananda Gaorii

''Brian is enjoyable to work with. He is a confident planner, has a strong knowledge of marketing and social media and has the ability to lead in a very humble and inspiring way. He helped us develop a marketing campaign for our summer yoga teacher training which resulted in more enrolments than previous years. I highly recommend Brian for any job he shows interest in''.

Contact Me

Thanks for checking out my website! For more information, prices and bookings please contact me at [email protected] or by using the form below.