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Brief and Idea

Ode to Earth is a one-stop Irish shop for natural, plastic-free and eco-friendly home and body products. I teamed up with the founder, Caroline to create this promotional video in the summer 2020.

As the brands mission is to drive forward sustainability, we captured much of the footage in the beautiful outdoor parks of Killarney (where the store is located), so as to evoke a feeling of being immersed in nature for the viewers of the video.

We recorded the narrative portion of the video with Caroline at the gorgeous Slieve Bloom Manor B&B in Killarney town. The idea here was to position Caroline as the face of the brand and enable her to tell her own personal story as a business owner, mum of three and passionate environmentalist!

After establishing the ‘why’ the business early on in the video, we shifted focus towards her product line and Caroline then spoke about the potential benefits of her products to her primary target customer ( a sustainability conscious person).

Caroline is a huge inspiration and force for good in the world, and I absolutely loved working on this project. If you are ever in need of a change of pace from socks as your go-to Christmas present, check out her store her selection of handmade Irish products for the win!

Ode to Earth
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